Origins. The Why, How and What.

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about Soulstone. My name is Marin and below I will try to outline the motivation and process behind starting the company. I would ♥ to hear from you and explore how we can work together.


Early in my professional life I realised that being an employee is not my cup of tea. Too often I was getting frustrated in situations where I had to execute decisions made by someone else which I strongly believed are not the right things to do. Sometimes, I was wrong, sometimes right, but that doesn't change the fact that having someone on top dictating my direction is not where I want to be. Responsibility and control of how I use my time are the two things that are major drivers in this journey. The desire to build something lasting, that brings value and outlives me - that is the other side of my motivational coin. Legacy. That's the WHY behind Soulstone.


Over the past several years I got to learn a lot about communication and the media world in particular. In late 2010 while still in university I got my first blog set up and began exploring digital media. All of a sudden I had a platform to express my own thoughts, observations and connect with others. Soon after, I started actively using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - learning how the platforms work, how to use them to maximise exposure to my personal brand and work. The first year of exploration on these platforms has been an important step. Without it I would not have had the chance to work with the companies and projects I had, culminating in a marketing job at FOX Networks Group. Gaining first-hand experience as a marketer for brands such as FOX, National Geographic and many more helped me get me to realise how important quality content matters, especially if you want to achieve big results at scale. The creative, if done right, makes a good piece great. During my time working in the TV and entertainment industry I got to know some of the best creative talent in Bulgaria. It wasn't long before my brain was constructing links between my newfound network and my pursuit to build my own thing. The answer, coming a couple of years later, presented itself through the opportunity which the internet and video created. Video has become even more important for brands who want to tell a good story with maximum effect. That became possible with the advancements of technology and platforms that put video content at the center of their existence. People are now used to video as the best way to learn about what matters to them. This insight, combined with my network of great creatives is the HOW behind Soulstone's origin.


So what do we do and how can we help you? We are specialising in video animation, motion graphics and branding. We try to tell the best possible story in the format we believe earns the most attention currently for speed and cost that is not possible with other types of media. In addition, we understand the distribution channels that bring the most value but we are taking our time to further learn the platform game, currently with one project for which we are doing a full-service, storytelling & outreach solution - from branding through production and customer engagement. All of this is the WHAT of Soulstone.