What we do

Soulstone is a storytelling company. We know how to create, tell and share engaging narratives. Our core expertise lie in animation, motion graphics and branding. Learn more

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What problems do we solve?

We see that video has become the most important medium for telling stories. With the advance of technology we now have an abundance of formats to express what we want to share with the world. Whether it is a short animated spot, an Instagram or Snapchat story, or just a mesmerizing video enhanced with beautiful graphics we make it our priority to deliver on a promise of great creative, professionalism and being a fun partner on the journey.

Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Fully-animated spots for TV or digital distribution
  • On-Air or Off-Air branding packages
  • Short form animated content for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat storytelling
  • Enhanced video production with graphics
  • Brand development
  • Adaptation